The “E-Ticket’ Ride Continues….

April 5, 2021
Habematolel Navtive Women Standing in front of Upper Lake

The “E-Ticket’ Ride Continues….

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It’s so fascinating when a fleeting thought becomes a shared dream; then it rolls around a conversation and becomes a hope. The conversation lifts it and then before you know it, a plan emerges. Right before our eyes, we saw a powerful, restorative- for lack of a better word – ‘thing’ come to life.Hope Through Art’s first mural project highlighting Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls started with a conversation that we could have easily overlooked. You know how conversations go…, so many inspired thoughts go by the wayside, but not this time.
We had the honor of working with members of the Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake, CA on a photo shoot and short film with the goal of bringing awareness to Missing and Murdered Indigenous women and girls #MMIW #MMIP. The women pictured here have all been directly affected by this issue, which translated into very powerful images. The final result is a stunning mural/cultural art collaboration between Christian Garcia, Ali Meders-Knight and Hope Through Art unveiled on March 20, 2021. 

 Photo shoot in Lake County

HTA sends a shout out to Don Campbell – Don Campbell Photography, Sly Espinoza – A Sly Film, and other project volunteers who contributed to the success of this very powerful and rewarding event.Four generations of strong, resilient, powerful native people whose lives have been permanently affected by a devastating loss, yet they are rising in purpose for their family – their community. We honor the memory of their loved one as we stand along side them offering a better way.

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Generations were affected that day. Healing tears, validation, and purpose in the loss began to replace pain and confusion. A new hope has begun for this family through art – that is what we are all about. 

A Tribute to Missing and Murdered
Our thanks to the members and leadership of the Habemotalel Pomo of Upper Lake for their generous partnership, muralists, Christian Garcia and Ali Meders-Knight  and members of the local Mechoopda Tribe.
Thank you to Don Campbell Photography  for his generous permission for Hope Through Art to use their photos in this newsletter.   

Let’s Do this TOGETHER!  
There are many more amazing journeys like this one ahead of us and there is plenty of room for more helpers and funding partners. Please join us as we continue to merge creative expression with causes that need our attention and action.
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