Shane Grammer Headshot
Founder & President

Shane Grammer

A multidisciplinary visual storyteller whose work spans a variety of mediums.

Shane Grammer’s contemporary inspired multidisciplinary artwork spans a variety of mediums with a focus on art installations, murals, sculpture, and paintings. From his youth, street artists fueled his fascination of modern urban street art, which continues to influence his art today.

As a contracted Disney Artist, Grammer combined urban flare with iconic Disney characters giving a fresh, new look for younger audiences. Grammer’s experience includes art direction, management with small to large team leadership through conceptual design, fabrication, and installation on projects worldwide. He has lead multiple projects to meet clients’ diverse needs, not only in the theme park work, but music video sets, and working with actors and professional athletes creating and implementing designs for their personal spaces.

Walt Disney Imagineering employed Grammer as a master sculptor and creative visionary in the position of Senior Dimensional Designer on a project for Shanghai Disney. Grammer’s art installations and visual media can be experienced in Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Cambodia, South Korea, and Dubai.

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Vice Chair

Kristina Roberts

A Classically Trained Musician with a Bent for Non-Profit Administration

“Visionary…. As a creative consultant, Kristina collaborates with corporate teams, governmental organizations and local businesses assisting with greater efficiency through team building and motivational dream casting.

…Wordsmith… Working with writers, artists, computer companies and nonprofit organizations, Kristina served as content editor and writer with the ability to create masterful imagery while capturing the essence of her clients’ message.

…Classically trained Musician with a Bent for Nonprofit Administration… Music Education alum, CSU Chico, and a lover of passionate causes, Kristina’s journey and finest performance shone in 25 years of nonprofit administration including directorship of a California State Licensed Medical Clinic. From inception to clinic licensure, full time staffing, and over 100+ volunteers annually, as well as clinic oversight and training, WRC is still a thriving organization today. It holds the distinction of being the first community clinic of its type to attain licensure in under two years. She was successful at reaching and connecting collaborating teams, included several annual collaborative funding events with vast community support, several speaking invitations and motivational team building.

…Experience Weaving and Adventure Procurement are also part of her Specialities… As a professional project coordinator and event planner, creating scenarios for experiencing purposeful philanthropic ventures is one of Kristina’s great loves. Carving out purposeful avenues for resourceful teams to successfully vision cast and attain goals is her passion. Kristina has been ‘experience weaving and adventure procuring’ for over 30 years for private groups and nonprofit agencies.

….As well as an Eye for Beautiful Art.” An art lover, Kristina has traveled the world enjoying some of the it’s finest offerings. Experiencing creative masterpieces in Russia, Europe, the South Pacific, Central America, as well as the continental United States have fueled Kristina’s love for visual storytelling. She admits that she is still a novice connoisseur with an insatiable hunger for more!

Rob Gore headshot

Rob Gore

An award-winning actor, director, designer, and filmmaker

His entertainment career spans over 40 years and includes work in film, television, stage theatre and almost five years with the Entertainment Division of the Walt Disney Company.

He retired as a full-time college Professor, teaching filmmaking and theatre arts, after more than twenty-five years. Rob is a Certified Financial Coach and has served on numerous board-of-directors, financial advisory committees, and is owner of Empire Financial Coaching. He is also an Adjunct Professor, teaching personal finance, at William Jessup University.

Rob is married to his wife, the Honorable Bonnie Gore, an elected official in California. He comes from a long family line of military service and he himself is an Army veteran. Rob also has an amusing habit of only wearing red socks.